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Boomer Diesel Engine & Generator company has made auxiliary power (APU) generators our only business - sales, intallation and service.

We offer parts and services for BLACKROCK®.

Specials and Promotions from Boomer Diesel

Dynasys APUPowerCube APUs
One of two ultra-high capacity APU's designed exclusively for independent operators.

24,000 BTU's Cooling
30,000 BTU's Heating
PowerCube Slim is only 20" wide!
Original PowerCube is 31" wide.

Dynasys APU

Dynasys - Power for the Long Haul!
2 Cylinder Yanmar Water Cooled Diesel Engine
12,000 BTU's Cooling
12,000 BTU's Heat
18" Wide

Dynasys APU

NITE® Phoenix
No-idle system that’s the perfect fit
7,500 BTU/h (2.2 kW)
25-65 amps @ 12vdc


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